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2012 Annual Report


Each year, we measure our progress by meaningful impact. 2012, was no exception.  Alumni from the Leadership Incubator initiated mentoring and leadership programs in their home communities. Teachers implemented best practices learned in our training programs and also shared knowledge with their colleagues. Women who once spent half their day meeting basic fundamental needs, like gathering water, could now invest time in helping their children succeed. At Asante Africa Foundation, we also amplified impact by nurturing strategic partnerships.

2012 Highlights:

  1. Learning in the Classroom: We invested more deeply in technology, teaching materials and teacher training to enhance the innovation, critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to advance academic performance.
  2. Life Beyond the Classroom: To better prepare our students to overcome hurdles they’ll face in life, we strengthened projects that foster entrepreneurship awareness and business competencies and deepen the application of leadership and life skills.
  3. Girls’ Advancement: We formalized mentoring and educational programs to keep girls in the classroom, gave them safe spaces to work through their challenges, and initiated a tailored financial literacy program for younger girls.
  4. Collaborating Partners: We deepened and expanded several programs by collaborating with program partners across Africa and around the globe.


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