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Asante Africa Foundation believes in the power of knowledge as a catalyst to help young people create a future where they can live their potential. We know that enriched minds collectively create better solutions to whatever challenges their communities face. Children who stay in school earn higher wages and tend to have smaller families that are vaccinated, well nourished and educated. They gain the skills to start community businesses, find their voice and choose peaceful paths to positive change.

Children living in extreme rural poverty trail their urban counterparts in access to education and the privilege to seek improved life opportunities. Asante Africa Foundation’s programs provide sustainable solutions that help disadvantaged children gain a solid education. Our comprehensive approach targets the root causes of why children are not attending school or are underachieving when they are in school. Our success and continued growth is due to our reliance on local knowledge and expertise to develop solutions that are viable and sustainable in the communities and cultures where we work. We invest our resources locally, in the countries where we work. This helps boost local economies and keeps costs low.