Time is running out for LIE matching donations.

It’s the giving season. Light a student’s journey to education.

This holiday season avoid the stress of trying to find the perfect gift for your friends and family, or crafting a thoughtful wishlist to share with your loved ones. Celebrate the true spirit of the holidays by giving back. Instead of buying the latest iGadget, give one of our students a one year scholarship. Save yourself from getting another ugly sweater from Aunt Meg by asking her to buy a uniform for a student in East Africa on your honor instead.

In an effort to maximize your gift to our cause, we respectfully ask your support in covering the “Online processing fees”. It is currently 3.5% and will show up as a “sales tax” at the end of your transaction.



Provide a school uniform with shoes

Make the opportunity to attend school a reality for a child. A school uniform is part of the requirement for entry to a classroom in East Africa. Click the button to give a child the tools he or she needs to fit in with the crowd and make their entry into lifetime learning.


Provide a school desk to seat 3-4 students

Every student needs proper workspace to get their studies done. Click the button to create a comfortable space for learning by providing a school desk for our classrooms.


Send a scholar to Leadership Incubator

The Leadership Incubator began in 2010 to address the growing needs of students to think about their future, create a plan for achieving their dreams and gain exposure to life skills and critical thinking skills that can be applied beyond the classroom.


Send a child to one year of school

Provide a year long scholarship for a girl or boy who might not otherwise have access to an education. Cover one full year of tuition, exam fees, boarding, food, transport, uniforms, shoes and personal belongings, school materials needed once a year (mattress, sheets, storage lockers), once a quarter (transport fees, soap, etc) and on going. Click the button to provide for a child today.


12 Month pledge

Enroll as a monthly donor today! You name the amount & we'll apply to wherever the need is the greatest - training teachers, equipping classrooms etc.


Organize a group of coworkers and invite them to make a contribution to AAF. Many companies have matching programs for employees donations!Corporate Support »
Donate your frequent flyers miles to helps us keep traveling costs to a minimum.Frequent Flyer Miles »
And don't forget to check out our marketplace for great stocking stuffer ideas!Marketplace »
You can also always give an unrestricted donation which allows us to funnel funds where they are most needed.Our Greatest Need »