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Asante Africa Foundation celebrates International Women’s Day March 8th, 2014

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Early_Marriage1 2International Women’s Day is an international holiday celebrating women and their achievements   all over the world! Asante Africa Foundation partners with you to further the success of women and girls in East Africa by supporting girls’ education and providing training to empower them around health, finances and becoming leaders in their communities.The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women’s theme for this years’ International Women’s Day is “Inspiring Change”. Asante Africa Foundation’s programs embody this theme, and there is no doubt that having educated and empowered girls and women can and does benefit everyone in the community.

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Asante Africa Foundation is unique in providing further girl-focused life skills and leadership development outside of the classroom, in areas such as health and social issues and financial literacy. Girls leave our programs feeling confident not just to make better decisions for themselves but also to share their knowledge with the women & girls in their communities, become leaders in their communities and “pay forward” the skills they learn.

Wezesha InitiativeJudica, from Tanzania is an example of the profound influence educating and empowering women and girls can have on their extended communities. We discovered that Judica had come home from theLeadership Incubator Program and gathered all the girls aged 5th to 8th grade from her church. She explained firstly that every young girl needed a dream so when things get tough they had something to keep their eyes and minds on. Secondly, she taught the girls to know and respect their bodies. She explained to the participants about how girls’ bodies develop and how to take care of themselves, she taught them what drugs were and why they were bad, how to seek out help if the girls are being pressured about sex, and how to resist early marriage and female circumcision. Judica was teaching them what she had learned at the Leadership Incubator Program.