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Asante Africa Foundation Receives Grant from Social Capital Foundation

The Independent – January 19, 2012

A thriving partnership with Social Capital Foundation is solidified by an $11,000 gant to help fund Asante Africa Foundation’s education programs in Tanzania. Both global organizations recognize that the value of education is naught without life skills and the opportunity to apply knowledge.

The grant will address much needed support at Tloma Primary School, by contributing significantly toward creating a positive and conducive learning environment for students. Like many primary schools in East Africa, Tloma Primary School’s biggest challenge has been the inability to provide basic and fundamental classroom needs for their overwhelming student body of more than 600 students. The school’s textbook to student ratio is currently one book for every 8-10 students. Another obstacle is the lack of desks, forcing many students to sit on dirt floors. Meanwhile, a dilapidated classroom has made students vulnerable to the elements and native wildlife, such as bats and other rodents. With the local community’s commitment and support, the collaborative effort is expected to effectively remedy these immediate issues.

“The Asante Africa Foundation and Social Capital Foundation partnership begins to address the broader needs of education; what extends beyond academics. As these young people finish school we want their knowledge to be the catalyst for going back into their communities and creating positive change.” – Erna Grasz, CEO/Founder, Asante Africa Foundation

Asante Africa Foundation seeks to create safe and healthy learning environments, strengthen teaching quality and enhance learning, and provide education through merit-based scholarships. The Social Capital Foundation identifies organizations whose programs have proven to be effective, viable and sustainable, with the means to nurture and help create programs that will guide local Tanzanian communities towards the alleviation of poverty, and into self-sustaining, income-generating growth. The partnership will provide a collaborative foundation to provide education that is nourished with applicable life skills and resources that can empower impoverished communities.

“Asante Africa is an excellent example of the type of organizations that Social Capital Foundation looks to partner with. Their record of achieving results through working directly with local educators and student leaders is outstanding. Tloma Primary School is an example of a Tanzanian school that through the dedication of its students and the commitment of its headmaster and teachers, have been achieving excellent results in spite of serious limitations. We are pleased to partner with Asante Africa to further support this school and its student.” – Laura DeVere, Director Social Capital Foundation

Asante Africa Foundation envisions African communities and families in which all children have the opportunity to receive quality education to illuminate their paths toward brighter futures. Asante Africa Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with global headquarters in the U.S.A. (1334 Carlton Place, Livermore, CA 94550). Asante Africa Foundation’s mission is to provide child-centered education through three guiding avenues of impact: Create safe and healthy learning environments, strengthen teaching quality and enhance learning, and provide education through merit-based scholarships. Since its inception in 2006, Asante Africa Foundation has stewarded the completion of fifty infrastructure projects, provided thousands of valuable teaching supplies and resources to classrooms, and awarded hundreds of scholarships. Asante Africa Foundation’s current partnerships with forty-one schools and collaborations with twenty-two villages have flourished, directly impacting nearly 39,000 children and their communities in tanzania and Kenya.

To learn more about Asante Africa Foundation or to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit www.asanteafrica.org.