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Erna Grasz, Founder

Having just returned from Kenya and Tanzania, I pause to reflect on where we have come from in five years, and where we are moving toward over the next 3 years. We held a five day Strategic Planning meeting with all three Boards (Kenya, Tanzania and North America) represented. We also had educational experts and advisors providing knowledge and suggestions.

I am excited by Asante Africa’s recent accomplishments, many of them you will read about in this newsletter. I am energized about the possibilities of the numerous young scholars, who are now creating their future paths with confidence and commitment. I am humbled by how I continue to learn from the smart and gifted local people of Kenya and Tanzania. Most of all, I am rejuvenated and confident that as an organization, “WE” are very powerful and are having big impact. We do not have all the answers and that is OK. What we do have are relationships with organizations of complimentary expertise, respected partnerships with school districts and administrators, and teachers who are witnessing their own new skills working in the classroom. Most importantly, we have committed, passionate and dedicated people, at every level in this organization and on both sides of the ocean, who seek guidance and are a part of locally created solutions that “work” in the communities where we partner. “WE” are collectively creating a knowledgeable and confident next generation of influencers and leaders.

Please enjoy this newsletter. It has been created with much pride and excitement by the Asante Africa team. And do let us know if you might want to be part of this amazing team.

Asante Sana (Much gratitude and thanks),