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What is Asante Africa Foundation?

Asante Africa Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in the USA (EIN# 71-1010614) providing our donors with 100% tax deductions in accordance with all IRS giving laws.

Asante Africa Foundation, Inc. was formed and officially incorporated in the state of California in August 2006.

We are not affiliated with any religious or political entity or institution. We rely solely on your generous donations to complete projects such as building schools, water lines, and sanitation facilities, providing resources and materials to help teachers be better teachers, and funding scholarships for children.


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What is the purpose of Asante Africa Foundation?

Put simply – to grow the next generation of change agents, whose dreams and actions transform the future for Africa and the world.

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What is the mission of Asante Africa Foundation?

Asante Africa believes in the power of knowledge as a catalyst to help young people create a future where they can live their potential. We partner with local leaders to create safe healthy learning environments, strengthen teacher quality and enhance learning, and provide scholarships and leadership training.  We know that enriched minds collectively create better solutions to whatever challenges their communities face.

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What does the Foundation do?

Our comprehensive approach targets the root causes of why children are not attending school or are underachieving when they are in school. We invest our resources locally, in the countries where we work. This helps boost local economies and keeps costs low.

We focus on building a support system for students’ success by ensuring access to safe and healthy learning environments, strengthening teaching quality and providing scholarships and leadership training.

We fund projects that:

  • Create Safe and Healthy Learning Environments
    Sometimes improving access to education is as simple as ensuring children have the basics of a safe and healthy learning environment – clean, well-built classrooms, desks and chairs, water and sanitation.
  • Strengthen Teaching Quality
    We provide classroom resources and teacher training that enable teachers to teach more effective and efficiently.
  • Enhance Learning in Schools and in Life

In addition to providing resources to enhance learning in the classroom, Asante Africa Foundation is committed to providing leading edge programs that enhance students’ ability to apply that knowledge as leaders of thriving communities.  Our Leadership Incubator and programs on financial literacy and entrepreneurship help young people to envision a bright future and create action plans to make their dreams reality.

  • Provide Education Through Merit-Based Scholarships
    In sub-Saharan Africa, only 25% of primary students can afford to continue to secondary school.  The odds are worse for children who are poor or female, especially if they live in rural areas or conflict zones.  We provide financial support that covers tuition, exam fees, uniforms, personal effects, boarding, food and learning materials.

Over time, this approach leads to greater success in secondary education, higher graduation rates and increased social and economic achievement. Meanwhile, the immediate outcomes of enhanced cognitive learning and knowledge application include improved student attendance, performance and active parent engagement.

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In which countries is Asante Africa Foundation operating?

Asante Africa Foundation works in East Africa, with projects in northern Tanzania and southern Kenya. As we refine our model, we will expand to other communities within Kenya and Tanzania, and into other neighboring East African countries.  Please click here to see a map of our current projects.

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How effectively are funds used?

Approximately 90% of donations to Asante Africa Foundation support in-country programs that are jointly planned with local program managers. The Asante Africa Foundation is a heavily volunteer-based organization, driven and determined to keep the commitments that we make to our in-country partners. As a result, we analyze needs before we commit, aggressively raise funds, and closely measure results.

Our financial statement and latest annual report are available here. For more information about our program work, please click here.

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Why focus on education in Africa?

By 2040, Africa will be home to one in five of the planet’s young people with a working population of 1.1 billion. The potential in these numbers is infinite, but without education, the economic and social implications are dire.

“Economic growth and poverty reduction depend on an educated and skilled workforce. In developing countries, one additional year of education adds about 10 percent to a person’s earnings.” – G. Psacharopoulos and H. A. Patrinos, Returns to Investment in Education: A Further Update, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2881 (Washington: World Bank, 2002)

“There is broad agreement – and significant evidence – that education enhances people’s ability to lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives.” – G. Brown, Education for All: Beating Poverty, Unlocking Prosperity (Paris: UNESCO, 2011)

Asante Africa believes in the potential.  We know that enriched minds collectively create better solutions to whatever challenges their communities face. Children who stay in school earn higher wages and tend to have smaller families that are vaccinated, well nourished and educated. They gain the skills to start community businesses, find their voice and choose peaceful paths to positive change.

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How can I donate?

We accept donations by mail or online through Pay Pal, with the option of setting up a recurring donation from your credit or debit card. We also accept non-cash donations, and gifts of stock or mutual funds.. Your donations are fully tax-deductible in accordance with all Internal Revenue Service giving laws, and you will be sent a receipt within 30 days of your donation. A list of items needed for non-cash donations and information on how your money can help can be found here.

Mailing address: Asante Africa Foundation, 1334 Carlton Place, Livermore, California 94550. Click here to donate online via Pay Pal:

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Can I have my company make matching contributions?

Asante Africa Foundation enthusiastically accepts corporate donations. Talk to your company about matching donations, and let us know how we can support completing the process with you. Corporate giving campaigns often begin in late summer, so contact your Human Resources or community benefit department to find out how to include Asante Africa Foundation as an option. Email us at info@asanteafrica.zippysites.com or call us at 925-292-0245 if we can help in any way.

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Can I see how contributions are spent?

Yes. Our current financial statement is available here. We fully document results of all of our projects and teams through photos and video, and welcome requests for additional detail. Approximately 90% of your donation goes directly to the programs we are funding in Tanzania and Kenya. Our objective is to keep administration costs as low as possible, and we also recognize the need for a solid infrastructure to support our growth.

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Can I go on a trip with the Foundation? How can I volunteer in Tanzania or Kenya?

Asante Africa Foundation does not offer overseas volunteer opportunities. As a grass-roots, small nonprofit organization, we have limited financial resources that we devote primarily to community-based projects in Africa. We keep overhead costs to a minimum, and are therefore unable to dedicate resources to adequately manage an international volunteer program, be responsible for volunteers traveling overseas, and manage their work in the field. Our limited staff cannot provide the liaison between the locals and foreign volunteers, which is essential for a positive experience in this region due to language and cultural barriers.

At times, however, we seek volunteers with specific skills to help teach, coach, and leave skills behind in the community. This might include architecture, land surveying, teacher training, and teaching English as a second language. If you have this kind of skill and experience, please contact us to see if we currently need this kind of volunteer.

We encourage the enthusiasm, curiosity, and determination of those who wish to help in the world, and encourage you to pursue opportunities with other international volunteer organizations. Here are a few suggestions, and many more can be found with a browse of the Internet:

Volunteer Abroad – http://www.volunteerabroad.com/search.cfm

Global Volunteers – http://www.globalvolunteers.org

Cross-Cultural Solutions – http://www.crossculturalsolutions.org

Global Volunteer Network – http://www.globalvolunteernetwork.org

Tanzanian Children’s Fund – http://www.tanzanianchildrensfund.org

Ujamaa Hostel – http://www.ujamaahostel.com

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How can I provide a scholarship for a child?

Providing scholarships for the education costs for children is one of our greatest needs. Asante Africa Foundation raises funds to provide education through merit-based scholarships to students, both girls and boys, for a school year ($750). We provide scholarships to students who are academically talented, eager to learn, and financially challenged. You can provide a student scholarship even if you live outside of the United States. Click here for more information on our student scholarships. As the school terms begin, we will coordinate enrollment of the children on our waiting list, and let you know a bit about your student and facilitate a letter exchange if you wish.

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How can I volunteer?

Asante Africa Foundation is almost completely volunteer-operated. In addition to monetary help, we need support in several other ways. Even if you are unable to donate money, you can help conduct a fundraising event, introduce us to key leaders and influencers, spread the word by sharing our newsletter and our website, and you can volunteer your time to keep our administrative costs low.

We have volunteer opportunities for everyone to enhance and learn new skills, network with others and directly impact the lives of thousands of children in East Africa.

Find out about areas where we need immediate help. You can be part of a highly-motivated, nonprofit organization run almost entirely by volunteers. And more important, you can make a huge difference in the world.

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How can I bring one of your speakers to my event?

Our Board members, staff, and community partners can enthrall, educate and entertain audiences of all sizes and ages. Find out more information here

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