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In celebration of International Women’s Day, Asante Africa Foundation is proud to partner with The NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY (NGO CSW/NY) to advocate for gender equality and development.

We celebrate what we all know: to enable the future we want, we must recognize the enormous potential of half of the world’s population – women. Most experts agree that the reforms needed to improve the lives of women in Africa, especially the rural areas of Africa, center around education.

We have to make people understand that women and men are equal and that women can lead as well.
Asante Africa Foundation helps women in rural areas of Africa by investing in their futures through education access and quality. Asante Africa Foundation provides women with education and training, as well as health and social services counseling, to better their social and economic situations.

Providing these services is not just good for equal rights – it’s essential to Africa’s competitiveness.

Here are some examples of how Asante Africa Foundation, through its programs and partnerships, is empowering young women to achieve their goals while providing them with the tools to improve their communities.

Untitled3Empower Girls | Create the Future
The Wezesha Vijana Initiative

The Wezesha Vijana Initiative addresses the “keeping girls in school” gap. The program incorporates fundamental sanitation needs (i.e., toilets with running water and hand washing stations) with life skills sessions on topics such as reproductive health and hygiene. Wezesha Vijana uniquely targets girls through tailored workshops that educate, empower and elevate their attendance and retention in school. The year-long pilot resulted in changed perspectives for over 250 girls who participated. Five of the six participating schools are now establishing girls’ leadership training workshops to continue to cultivate peer support and hope.

AnnualReport2011_for_Web3_Page_14Girls Accelerate Because of Safe Spaces and Great Teachers
St. Mary’s Primary School, Kenya

When we first encountered St. Mary’s Primary Boarding School for girls in 2006, the school exuded all the characteristics of what would be a fruitful partnership: visionary school leadership, committed teachers and a supportive community that sought to elevate opportunity for their youth. St. Mary’s became one of the first schools to partner with us, and over the course of time, our partnership has witnessed incredible milestones. Read more>


altonmaasaiprojectupdate2013Alton Maasai Project: Transforming the Lives of Women and Children One Classroom at a Time

Last summer, Asante Africa Foundation’s Founder/CEO, Erna Grasz visited the Alton Maasai Project’s community in Oldanyati, Kenya. An active supporter of the project’s goal; to provide Learning Center classrooms that would double as community space for the local women, Erna witnessed their dedication and resolve first hand. In March 2013, Erna returned to the community to see the project’s growth. Read More>


In addition to the aforementioned projects, Asante Africa’s Integrative Teacher Training Program, implemented in Tanzania as a collaborative model for combining small, individually successful projects into a cohesive and scalable multi-faceted approach to improving the quality of education at the secondary level, is a great example of what is possible. The team successfully engaged local leaders and parents in rural communities was achieved a tactic for successfully mitigating social and cultural barriers to girls’ access and academic achievement.

Asante Africa Foundation and The NGO Committee on the Status of Women both embrace and support the notion of unleashing the power of women. We know we must level the playing field and open opportunities for all – these are concepts deeply rooted in the philosophies of both organizations. This is why Asante Africa Foundation very much values its partnership with The NGO Committee on the Status of Women, a global champion for women and girls. This is why we both work to encourage and reward women and girls to create solutions that address the world’s most pressing challenges.   A little empowerment can go a long way.

You can help by sponsoring a girl today.