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In today’s East Africa, time is of the essence. There has never been a more critical time to increase our investment in children growing up in poverty with little or no access to a sustained, quality education. An Asante Africa Foundation Scholarship can significantly open the door to a brighter future for these children and pave the way for opportunity.

Asante Africa Foundation has provided over 650 annual scholarships to primary and secondary school students, providing them the ability to pay school fees, purchase uniforms, shoes and school supplies among other provisions. 


Every student has a unique and deeply inspiring story, brimming with spirit, motivation and triumph. But common factors have significantly hindered their potential: access and affordability to continue their education. 



An Asante Africa Foundation scholarship will finance his secondary school education and offer him guidance to motivate him to work harder. His family was happy with his performance, though his father could not openly show his joy since, “Men should not be emotional” says Josphat. He knows his father was pleased by his performance because he kept inquiring Gathii Kanyi (Program Manager, Kenya) if he knew the high school in which his son was admitted. Read More…




“As an Asante Africa Foundation scholar, all of my school fees are paid for. And because I don’t have to worry about paying for school, I have hope that I will be able to complete my education. I know I will accomplish my goals, because I was able to make it through so much. The rest of what is ahead of me, I believe I will overcome. Challenges are here to sharpen us and when challenges are in my way, I will be strong.” Read More…




“I am grateful that I was able to go to school. I did not have to pay a cent. The scholarship provided a school uniform, materials, food, boarding and personal items for school. I am the first to go to school in my family. Now, I am completing high school and that is a miracle. I am most thankful for that.” Read More…




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