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The Leadership Incubator began in 2010 to address the growing needs of students to think about their future, create a plan for achieving their dreams and gain exposure to life skills and critical thinking skills that can be applied beyond the classroom. Since then, the program has gained momentum, and demonstrates Asante Africa Foundation’s belief that every student has the potential to become a thoughtful, innovative leader within his or her community. The program has evolved to include financial literacy and entrepreneurship development workshops. The annual week long program has impacted approximately 450 students to date.


Along with deeper program growth Asante Africa Foundation is witnessing the emergence of a new generation of change agents. Young entrepreneurs are emerging in rural communities and Leadership Incubator alumni are increasingly engaged within their communities. Lepilali and Sylviah are just two of our alumni who are already transforming the worlds in which they live.

Be Part of the Solution. This year, help send 100 students to the Leadership Incubator.



Raised by his brother who was a motorcy­cle taxi driver, Lepilali struggled to com­plete primary school because he could not afford the school fees. Lepilali was later awarded an Asante Africa Foundation Scholarship, allowing him to finish secondary school at the top of his class. Soon after, he attended the Leadership Incuba­tor and was inspired. He shares his experience on how it has changed his perspective on his future. Read More…


Sylviah on her own accord took the knowledge given to her at Leadership Incubator Camp and she applied it for 65 little girls from her home village area. She is one of the many amazing young leaders developing in Kenya and Tanzania. …Read More…