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Asante Africa Foundation is committed to providing students with quality education. 

The influence and impact that one teacher has with hundreds of children is powerful. A key component of strengthening learning in the classroom is supporting the role of the teacher. We seek to provide resources and training that will build the success of the teachers– as individuals, as leaders and as educators.


We have two strong programs which accelerate learning in the classroom: the Integrated Teachers Training Program and Bringing ICT Technology into Rural Classrooms.

IMG_1818The Integrated Teachers Training Program is a partnership of five organizations demonstrating collaborative implementation, collective impact, school district ownership, and government engagement. We scaled an integrated, learner-centered educational model to elevate quality of teaching and to foster the development of critical thinking skills for secondary school students in under-served Tanzanian communities. The program takes place in 86 secondary schools across 14 school districts in 3 regions, Tanga, Kilimanjaro and Arusha, providing teachers’ professional development and classroom application. 
This collaboration shifted from teacher-centered to learner-centered, and ensured application of hands- on learning techniques for over 2,500 teachers impacting over 25,000 students. And now the Tanzanian government is assessing it as a cost- effective, sustainable, and nationally scalable program.
20151205_101104Bringing ICT Technology into the Rural Classroom was designed to support students, teachers, and school management with hands-on training and curriculum alignment. This project reached 1,300 students and teachers in rural schools. The objectives achieved were to educate teachers on usage of digital tools and a greater understanding of how to integrate them in the classroom, to train teachers to track outcomes and manage student success, and create a collaborative work environment between administrators, teachers and students. The preliminary results make everyone proud.





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