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Honoring International Women’s Day – March 2013

In Honor of International Women’s Day 

Mary KwenaInternational Women’s Day recognizes and honors women and those who have made a global impact on women’s issues. At Asante Africa Foundation, we wanted to honor someone close to home and our community. Asante Africa Foundation Program Associate, Mary Olusi is one woman directly creating and affecting change in her community through her work in Kenya.

“The improvement of opportunity for girls, closing the gender gap and ending violence toward women begins with the family at home, then the educational community and finally the global village. We must educate and be the example, not just hope for it” READ MORE about Mary and International Women’s Day.


 Early Marriage or Education?


Veronica’s dreams of going to school were almost shattered after her father decided to force her into an early marriage. He refused to pay her tuition and wanted her to drop out of school. Also, as the sixth of seven children in her family, neither she nor her siblings were supported by their father when it came to pursuing an education.

Marrying off daughters in exchange for cattle to feed a family, settle a debt, or bring peace to conflicting families or tribes is common practice within many rural communities in Sub- Saharan Africa. Because of poverty, a lack of education and resources, many fathers will hand over their daughters’ fates to men three or four times the girl’s age. READ MORE about Veronica and how you can help send a girl to school.