Time is running out for LIE matching donations.

Spread the word and generate donations! The more people who are interested in the Foundation the sooner we can provide the desperately needed services to the children and families in the Africa.
Host a presentation for a group. We would love to share our experiences and photos of Tanzania and Kenya.
Share our newsletter to spread the circle of awareness about our work.
Host a fundraising event
A house party
Collect donations for a sports event – marathon, 3 mile walk, etc.
Hold a car wash
Donate your daily Latte for a week or month
“Change for Change” school campaigns, ask us how by filling out the form on the right.
Fundraising Ideas (PDF)
Checklist for Organizing an Event (PDF)
Fundraising Event Kit (PDF)
Read-a-Thon Kit (PDF)
More inspirational ideas…
Create a “Quarter Campaign”

Eighty quarters add up to $20.00, the cost of two school uniforms for a young child to attend school. With 350 quarters (less than one quarter a day for one year) you get $120.00 for a one-month supply of porridge that feeds one hundred students.

Cookbook Fundraiser with fantastic recipe contributions from parents and kids.

Sell your cookbook to share good food and good news about Asante Africa.

Auctions hosted by your club or group can include all sorts of treasures and gifts…

From beauty treatments (manicure/pedicures), guitar lessons, tutoring, dog-walking or babysitting services…

“Give It Up” campaign to ask students and teachers to give up things…

Like Friday night takeout ($20) or a morning latte ($3), and donate the money instead. This reminds us all of how much we have to be thankful for and what we can do without for a short period of time to make a big difference for a child.

What’s your idea?

Car wash, garage sales, summer concerts, read a thons, collect change, Cold Stone/Chevy’s 10% sponsorships. Young people are eager to help, and with some adult support can make great contributions of the heart as well as the wallet.