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Liven up your event with thought leadership, deep discussion, and new ideas inspired by the youth of Africa

Asante Africa Foundation is privileged to enjoy leadership from some of the most dynamic individuals in the non-profit industry. Getting one of them to expound on leadership or innovative ideas is a great way to incorporate some inspiration into your event.



carolynCarolyne Sunte - Asante Africa Foundation Alumni & Entrepreneur

Carolyne Sunte is a young entrepreneur and mentor from the strikingly beautiful Maasai land, she reflect a varied personality including ambition and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness well determined and vigorous individual yet pleasant calm.As a mentor, she is motivated by coaching the youth specifically young girls to strive in the global economy and confidently address life’s challenges. Through her passion as a mentor ,she embrace a fanatical interest in leadership and so have participated in top Youth leadership training acquiring her position as a program coordinator at the Girls Advancement Program –Asante Africa Foundation and a founder of Angaza Foundation (community Based organization) Locally, she involved herself in keeping her culture alive and as a role model to the siblings and the larger Maasai community; creating avenues for young individuals like her to foster the establishment and development of the leadership and entrepreneurial skills. She is also a tennis player and spend her time gardening in her orange plantation. Apart from the above skills, Carolyne has kept a keen interest in media studies more enthusiastic to become an outstanding and successful woman with a definite goal of becoming a renowned Journalists advancing issues specific to marginalized groups. She is active in blog writing-empowering girls against Female Genital Mutilation and girl- child rights. Currently she is a student at The Kenya Institute of Management undertaking a Diploma in project Management excited towards her upcoming completion end of 2016. ‘There is never a second chance to make a good first impression’

Samson Nyongesa - Asante Africa Alumni andsamson Founder of "Life Transformers"

If you have traveled to Kenya with Asante Africa Foundation, the odds are high that you have met Samson Nyongesa. He was born in Western Kenya and grew up in a polygamous family of 15 children. While his mother struggled to support Primary school but high school was financially unattainable and was forced to drop out of school. Over the next year, his older brother intervened and struggled to raise funds for Samson to return to school. Samson met Asante Africa in 2008 while living in a IDP –Refugee camp after the 2008 prose election violence, through the proactiveness of his school principal. After repeating his sophomore year in high school, over the next 3 years, he proceeded to graduate #2 in the school district winning him a scholarship to the University of Nairobi. Thanks to his USA sponsor he has now recently completed his Bachelors in Economics and will receive his graduation certificate in December 2016. It is while studying at the University that Samson founded Leadership organization on campus; The Life Transformers. What started as 1 person, has now grown to over 300 university youth across 3 campuses and they have impacted over 5000 young lives in the last 4 years. Samson is guided by the principle of transforming his society. The quote that motivates him to rise up when he is most exhausted is “ My history does not have to define my Future. I get to decide and so do you. “ He is traveling to the USA to learn from us and to share his story and his belief is that the youth hold the power to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

Erna Grasz

Erna Grasz - CEO, Asante Africa Foundation

Erna Grasz co-founded Asante Africa Foundation with two visionary African women from Kenya and Tanzania. She refers to herself as a Systems Engineer turned Systems Entrepreneur for Global Impact. Originally trained as an Electrical-System Engineer, she spent her early career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and then in Silicon Valley. While spending 25 years in the Corporate world as a senior executive, she earned the reputation as a strategic leader, “organizer of chaos” and with demonstrated success in diverse industries, including medical device, defense research, and semiconductor capital equipment. In 2011 she left the corporate world to manage the organization full time. Erna brings her business savviness to the Non Profit world and is the visionary behind many of the organization’s innovative programs and practices. She has a strong belief in local staff, local partnerships and developing local talent for the long term sustainability. In 2013 Erna was the recipient of the Jefferson Award for public service. In 2014 She received a “Distinguished Engineering” Award for her Innovation in Developing Countries and In 2016 She was a HULT Prize Judge for Innovation in Urban slums ( Clinton Global Initiative. She is on global stages on topics of traversing the corporate-non profit divide, executive leadership, innovative education programs, and sustainable philanthropy.
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October 8th, 2015Paths to Equity: Innovative Philanthropy for Women and Girls • www.pathstoequity.org  • San Francisco, CA

October 22nd, 2015Reaching New Heights • www.asanteafrica.org/reaching-new-heights • Berkeley, CA

hitalHital Muraj - Manager, Corporate Affairs, Cisco Systems

Hital is a recognized industry leader and has spoken at many UN and Government conferences in Africa on engaging youth in technology and eradicating poverty using technology. Her hard work and dedication have earned her awards such as Global Ambassador for Youth from Usher's New Look Foundation, Inclusion and Diversity Ambassador for Middle East and Africa for Cisco, Catalyst Award from Cisco, Champion Award from Cisco, as well as many others. She has also received recognition from Microsoft for advancing technology for developing communities. She has been nominated as one of Kenya's Top 40 Most Powerful Women Under 40 for two consecutive years.  WATCH Hitals video on - Social Entrepreneurs  or on her work with - Women Are Saving The World Now

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Anne Mueni Muli - Asante Africa Foundation Alumna & Rising Business Star

Anne serves as the Program Coordinator for the 2015 Asante Africa Leadership Entrepreneurship Incubator. She stands as a strong role model for incoming students as she is the first Asante Africa scholar to graduate from university. She completed her degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management from Kisii University in May, 2015 and is looking forward to graduation in December of 2015. She completed additional coursework towards Certified Public Accountancy to assist her in her dream to become a business manager. She credits her supporters and her own determination in traversing the roadblocks that stood in her way, and similarly, she hopes to move to a new challenge soon- a Master's Degree program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
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Previous Events - See Anne on stage

October 22nd, 2015Reaching New Heights • www.asanteafrica.org/reaching-new-heights • Berkeley, CA

Sample Topics

· What’s Africa Got to do With it? - Economic prosperity and global stability

· Tribal Leadership Lessons That Transcend the Corporate Jungle

· Measuring Results in Extreme Conditions and Why it's Critical

· The Intersection of Philanthropy and Sustainable Investment on the International Scale

· Why Education and Empowerment is the Solution to Extreme Poverty

· Providing Stability in a Turbulent Africa: Lessons of an international education non-profit in Kenya and Tanzania

· The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of Starting an International Non-Profit: How and why Asante Africa Foundation was created

· Global Partnerships to Navigate Changing Landscapes: Meeting emerging opportunities and elevating impact