Time is running out for LIE matching donations.
There are still students who need a scholarship. Please consider donating. Your gift of $3 per day will make a huge difference in the life of a child.


What we at Asante Africa Foundation know is that every parent loves their child, and every child has big dreams. The struggle for many families in East Africa is that the typical household lives on less than $2 a day with an average family size of 6-8 members, making it nearly impossible for families to cover the costs of sending and keeping their children in school.
For a bit less than $3 per day, we provide educational support for families that includes merit-based scholarships, school and exam fees, uniforms and personal supplies, boarding, food and learning materials. This basic support allows motivated students to immediately access higher quality education and set them on a track for success.




The different being scholarships have criteria attached to the funding opportunity. The criteria that our students must meet include achievement of academic standards, acceptable behavior while in school, and ongoing family engagement. This creates expectations, ensures accountability for the student, and offers shared responsibility and support between Asante Africa Foundation staff and the community.



4th grade through 12th grade and A level (2 additional years if student qualifies academically) Asante Africa Foundation offers scholarships to talented, smart and disadvantaged youth who without support would not attend school. You as a scholarship donor assist in covering the costs associated with full school fees which include: food, school materials, uniforms, personal items, boarding, and transportation. We ask parents or guardians to assume responsibility for medical costs, and family emergency costs, and visiting their students frequently while at school.



The university scholarship is managed as a separate scholarship program. It is a more competitive program with additional constraints on who is eligible. There is also a higher cost sharing structure between the family and a stricter contract with Asante Africa Foundation.
A student is eligible if they graduate high school/A Level with distinctions (top 5% in the country) and are recognized by the government for tuition subsidy. Additionally the student must compete for a National Higher Education Loan. Once this is completed, we enter into a three way contract between the student, parent or guardian, and Asante Africa Foundation . The parents or guardian assumes 60% of the financial responsibility and Asante Africa Foundation contributes the remaining 40%.