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keynotes Two amazing, internationally known speakers, Dayo Olopade and Jake Bright, will come from New York and join a panel of experts to set the stage for a lively discussion with 300 Bay Area thought-leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and change-makers. We will tackle the hot topics of “educated investments”, sustainable philanthropy and the role of our next generation of youth in East Africa and across the globe. You will leave more informed and energized with a better understanding of the role of Silicon Valley and other change agents like yourself in this exciting mobilization!


Dayo Olopade

Best selling author, International Correspondent, Current Yale World Fellow

For years Nigerian-American journalist Dayo Olopade struggled to reconcile the American media’s image of Africa as warring, impoverished, and pitiful with the Africa she’s known since childhood: resilient, joyful, and innovative, a continent of impassioned community leaders. She reports firsthand on the explosion of commercial opportunities and technological innovations that are improving outcomes for families, children, and the environment. In THE BRIGHT CONTINENT: Breaking Rules and Making Change in Modern Africa, Olopade rejects stale and ineffectual foreign interventions, arguing that the new challenges the continent faces can and must be addressed with the tools Africans are already using to solve these problems themselves.


Jake Bright

Whitehead Fellow of The Foreign Policy Association Contributor to The Financial Times This Is Africa

Jake Bright is a writer, consultant, and Whitehead Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association with a focus on international business. He contributes as an editor and independently, including for The Financial Times This Is Africa, Bloomberg LP, U.S. News & World Report and The Atlantic’s Quartz. Mr. Bright is also active in driving thought leadership programming as a producer, moderator, and speaker in various forums. Over the last several years, he has developed an expertise documenting and explaining Africa’s business transformation, including the continent’s technology movement, across many forums. Bright is a frequent commentator to media outlets such as Bloomberg News. His book on Africa's turnaround story, THE NEXT AFRICA: An Emerging Continent Becomes a Global Powerhouse, (with a strong tech focus) is in production with Macmillan Group Publishing..

modpan Many companies see Africa as the emerging market, and investors and philanthropists want to generate impact that is locally relevant. This requires being informed, making targeted investments that are locally sustainable. These thoughts leaders will convey why Africa is the land of opportunity needing investment/partnerships, and how each of us has a part in creating global opportunity.


Eghosa Omoigui

Founder, EchoVC Partners

Eghosa Omoigui is the founder and Managing General Partner of EchoVC Partners. Before this, Eghosa was with Intel for nearly 10 years and his last role was as Intel Capital Director, Strategic Investments, Consumer Internet & Semantic Technologies, where he acted as a senior investment professional focused on platform-agnostic consumer web services and digital media-based investment opportunities.


Zia Yusuf

CEO, Streetline

Zia is a seasoned senior technology executive with a track record of leading companies to success. He is currently CEO of Streetline Inc. the leading global provider of senor enabled smart city solutions. Just prior to his role leading Streetline, Zia was Entreprenuer-in-Residence at Sutter Hill Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners. He spent the last ten years at SAP AG where he was executive vice president and a member of SAP’s Executive Leadership Team.


Tarisai Garande

VP, African Technology Foundation Tarisai Garande is the Vice President of the African Technology Foundation, a Silicon Valley based organization focused on globalizing African technologies and introducing global technologies to the African ecosystem. She co-launched the Startup Weekend Events in Cape Town, a key initiative contributing to raising Cape Town’s profile as a global start-up hub for innovation and the Silicon Valley of Africa.


Gathii Kanyi

Kenya Country Manager, AAF Gathii is the Kenya Country Manager for Asante Africa Foundation, since 2009 and was recently awarded the African International Achievers (AfIA) Award for innovative solutions to improving academic performance for children in Rural Kenyan Communities. Gathii Kanyi lives in Thika Kenya and holds a MS in Entrepreneurship (MSc in Entrepreneurship) from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology-Kenya


Mark Yolton

Mark is Vice President of Digital at Cisco ... responsible for Cisco.com, Cisco social media leadership and governance, Cisco TV (video), aspects of Cisco communities, Cisco's intranet. For nearly 8 years, Mark was SVP at SAP, responsible for SAP.com, SAP Community Network (SCN), SAP on social media. SAP TechEd -- and earlier, SAP EcoHub (now SAP Store online), and SAP business/technology standards. Prior to SAP, Mark served in management positions at Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sun Microsystems, Unisys, and Prudential in areas including: marketing, eBusiness, website/portal/ community management, from headquarters, to field, and division-level positions.

Mark Yolton – VP of Digital, Cisco
Eghosa Omoigui – Founder, EchoVC Partners
Zia Yusuf – CEO, Streetline
Tarisai Garande – VP, African Technology Foundation
Colin Higgins – President, Golub Group
Jeanne Beacham – CEO, Delphon
Suzanne Skees – Director, Skees Family Foundation
Maureen Downey – Principal, Pantheon Ventures
Marie Monrad – VP, Kaiser Permanente
Lindsey Kneuven – Manager, SVCF
Michelle Swenson – Principal, Optimal Ventures
Marianne Baldrica – VP, NASDAQ
Laura DeVere – Director, Social Capital Foundation
Rani Radhakrishnan – Director, PwC
Bindu Garapaty – CEO, The Happy Leader
Nancy Sheppard – Founder & CEO, Women2Boards
Mary McGlynn – CEO, Powerspeaking
John West – Managing Director, VentureChoice
Leslie Cross – ED, Global Women’s Leadership Network
Marjorie and Larry Schlenoff – CoFounders, Teach W Africa
Monica Hahn – Principal, Hahn Solo Strategy
Greg Golub – CEO, Sequoia Benefits
Paru Yusuf – Global Philanthropy Strategist
Peter Laugharn – Exec. Dir., Firelight Foundation
Nancy Suski – Professor, Georgetown University
Joop Rubens—Director, Fistula Foundation
Erna Grasz – Founder & CEO, Asante Africa Foundation


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